The Academy of Brass is the band’s tuition programme for learners.  Through this programme, we aim to teach not only how to play a brass instrument, but how to read music and play as part of an ensemble (or band).
Tuition will be conducted one on one (or as a group for a family). This will be combined with group tuition once a level is reached where individuals can start playing as part of our Academy Ensemble.

No prior musical experience is required and anyone over (around) age 10 is welcome to join (including adults!).  Age 10 is a good age to start as below that age, children find it difficult to hold an instrument and stretch their fingers over the valves.

Instrument Hire

The band has a number of instruments available for hire. These have all recently been professionally serviced. We ask that you take great care of these instruments as they are expensive to replace and the band has limited resources to replace them. Due to the high cost, instruments are not insured.


To be able to provide the learning resources required to teach you, fees have been set at around $100 per school term for individuals or $150 for family groups (fees vary depending on term length). The fee includes tuition, instrument hire, music and in your first term band membership (required for insurance purposes). As a community group we want everyone to be able to participate if they want to, so if these fees preclude you from being able to join us, let us know.


Learning an instrument doesn’t happen overnight. Our tutors are volunteers and do not get paid for their time. There is an expectation you will show a commitment to progressing your learning by practising between lessons. Tutors reserve the right to discontinue lessons should individuals not demonstrate this commitment through home practice and attendance of lessons.

Child Safety

We ask that where learners are under 18 years of age, a parent accompanies them to all lessons. The band has a policy that minors must be in the company of at least two adults while on band premises.
It is also advantageous for parents to attend lessons so they are able to provide guidance during home practice. We actually encourage parents to join in and learn too. You are never too old!


Learning an instrument can be a journey for life.
We invite you to join our Academy of Brass and start your journey.  May it be a long and rewarding one.